I am Frank Weijers, born in 1957, live in Utrecht (and sometimes in Schoorl, and sometimes abroad), have two adult children and am married to Nicolette. I like to travel to places I have never been before. And I have a fascination for the behavior of people in groups ff.

“I want everyone in our world to have a place and that all voices can really be heard.. Good conversations, in which people speak frankly and listen to each other frankly, form the indispensable starting point. If we learn that and start doing it, then I really hope for a better world, in which we welcome and embrace diversity instead of increasingly polarizing. Make a contribution to this, there I jump, every day, get out of bed. ”

I call myself an interventionist. Because that's what I do: intervene in the interactions and hassle of others. In addition, I work with the ideas of Deep Democracy. Because I don't know a better way to entice groups to have really good conversations, engage in conflict rather than avoid it and come to inclusive decisions, with the wisdom of everyone.

I work from my own desk Playing with space and am associated partner at Human Dimensions.

An important guideline in my work and life is a quote from André Wierdsma:

“… Dealing with others is perhaps the most difficult thing there is. And then in particular: dealing with the "other" in the other. Only when you manage to become aware of that "other" in yourself and if you have full compassion for it, then you can really deal with others out of compassion… ”

I was trained in Deep Democracy, intervention science, transactional analysis (TA), systemic work and corporate anthropology. I work from my own company Playing with space and I am an associated partner of Human Dimensions.

Last year I discovered the great benefits and surprising possibilities of working online with Deep Democracy. Perhaps a necessity in times of corona, but an enrichment in all times. And that's why I started Deep Democracy Online.

In the past decades I have written a large number of articles on the themes I work with: Deep Democracy, group dynamics, diversity and inclusion, (professional) space, speaking frankly & listening openheartedly, inclusive leadership and the power of language and culture in organizations. I wrote the books Playing with space (2015), Space – stop nonsense, do what is intended (2017) in NOW WE’RE TALKING (2019)

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