Together create a climate in which everyone feels free to say what needs to be said, in which everyone can listen candidly to others.

And if that is still insufficient, that pleasant climate? Be courageous then!



  • For groups / teams that want to enjoy working together and have the courage to deal with each other's different personalities, views, perspectives and feelings. In education, healthcare institutions, municipalities, security regions, … Where not?


  • Because you are done with energy-consuming meetings. With lingering conflicts that are not or half-heartedly pronounced – or degenerate into burning fires. And with questionable decisions, what colleagues drop out and sabotage.
  • Because it really can be done differently:
      • The good conversation, in which people speak frankly and listen frankly, making the most of the potential of a diverse group.
      • the better conflict, in which it is fun and enriching to disagree, because it makes groups wiser.
      • The best decision, in which the wisdom of everyone – majority and minority – is being taken.


  • Online guidance of conversations with Deep Democracy.


  • Meetings, discussions, campfire conversations, etc become meetings that everyone is looking forward to. Because it is a celebration when there is a climate in which everyone boldly says what needs to be said and we can finally really hear each other..
  • Mutual differences become valuable and enjoyable, instead of being bothered and maneuvering around it. Think of it as a pleasantly exciting movie that you play in, whose end you don't know yet. But that you know is going well.
  • Decisions are going to be considerably better than they are now, with everyone's wisdom and commitment.
  • You become capable of leading and actively participating in such meetings. You will learn about Deep Democracy and how you can apply this philosophy and all the tools that go with it in online meetings.


  • Online. Therefore more time for yourself, because nobody has to travel. Also saves traffic jams and travel costs.
  • We work with your agenda items, questions and themes.
  • At the end of each meeting we reflect on what it will bring you, in terms of:
      • Content: what has the discussion of the relevant agenda item / theme / issue yielded to you? Everything is said boldly? Have you been able to hear everything frankly from each other? Decisions have been made – inclusive, with the wisdom of everyone?
      • Approach: Deep Democracy – and how to work with it online.

In this way you can make a profit on three fronts simultaneously:

    • tackling an issue,
    • learn about Deep Democracy,
    • and how to apply this online.

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